Three of the worst pieces of advice about advertising to pregnant moms

Posted by on February 23, 2017

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iStock_000016472917_ExtraSmallSurprisingly little advice exists on line for mompreneurs (and dadpreneurs!) creating new products with a need to advertise to pregnant moms. What little exists might come from friends, family, or the new marketer with a booth next door to yours at the ABC. Here’s some “wisdom” we’ve heard, none of it correct.

Forget the dad and focus on the mom

Admittedly, I have a point of view on this subject, after having created one of the first websites for dads,, almost a decade ago. During that time, men’s roles in the nursery have dramatically changed. If you don’t provide options a guy can wear, push or carry, you’re likely to lose out on 50% of potential sales. Just like most guys will awkwardly hold your purse for a few minutes while your hands are fully, they will carry a frilly diaper bag, but not very often, and not for long.

You’re a mom. Do your creative yourself

By now someone has suggested amazing things you can do Photoshop or even in Word with a few nice pieces of type and a lovely photo of your own baby. Doing good graphic design is not something you can do at home. Vet a few good designers whose work you are impresssed by and who have shown results. While I think many more of us than we think can write good copy, not everyone has the trained eye of an artist.

Highlight the unpleasantness of being pregnant

Some women have hard pregnancies and maybe your product addresses those difficulties. But remember the old Aretha Franklin song, “Accentuate the Positive”? That’s what you need to do. Explain the “problem” yes, but focus on the happy mom who found your solution. No one wants to start any sale on a downer.

What bad advice have you gotten on advertising to pregnant moms? Things here you disagree with? Let us know in comments.

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