6 ways to differentiate yourself in social marketing to pregnant moms

Posted by on February 23, 2017

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sweeptakesWhy it’s hard

Yes, you are in a competitive field competing in the $4 billion dollar baby market. Your competitiors range from savvy startups who bid up the price of online advertising to big companies careful to defend their position. However, there are things that you can do to differentiate yourself when marketing to pregnant moms in social media, and in your regular marketing activities.

Here is a list of things you can do. You may be doing some of these things already. If so, congratulations. If not, here are some ideas to step up your game.

1. Understand your pregnant mom

You can’t target all 4 million new moms unless you have very deep pockets like Pampers and Huggies. You need to understand who YOUR mom is. We recommend writing up “marketing personnas” so you have a better understanding of who you are trying to reach. If you do this well, the rest of what’s going on in social media will fade into the background as you focus on the new moms who might actually consider your product. Read our recent post on marketing personnas to learn more.

2. Create original, compelling content.

Easier said than done, right? And that is why so few people do it, and how you can separate yourself. If you’re no good at this (and many business writers aren’t), hire an outside writer. You can find resources at sites like Fiverr.com and WritersAccess.com for affordable writers.

3. Live in the present

Millenials live in the now. FOMO isn’t just a concept, it’s a motto for this generation. That means your status messages in Twitter and Facebook should reflect current news, events, and the spirit of the moment. Again, not easy, but also differentiating. And remember, funny is better!

4. Use on-line events to create new and involving content.

An under-used online tool is Google Events and Hangouts. They allow you to easily create online video around a subject important to your audience. Invite a few friends in the industry who will also promote the event and you’ve got a self-started viral happening. The big magic in Google Hangouts though is that all videos are posted automatically to YouTube. That means more content you can use elsewhere on the site, and that others can use on theirs (if you do it right).

5. Be different

Yes, it’s simpler to just write an good ‘ole fashioned product blurb to fill out the blog requirements. How about a shout-out to all your followers telling them to buy your product!? Clearly, that’s not only a bad idea, it’s what most social media folks do. If you can connect with your followers and give them a reason to look for your posts, you might actually get them to engage, and follow a link from time to time.

6. Be strategic

Again, it’s easy to just write about anything, but successful social media experts are watching the data and learning what works and doesn’t for their audience. They are trying to figure what sets them apart from the herd and makes people sit up and say, “This is why I’m on Twitter; to get content like this.” If you can do that, can you imagine the power when you have a sales message.

Nope, it’s not easy and we struggle with this every day. I can’t say 100% or even 90% of our content lives up to these standards, but we know where we’re lacking and we strive to get better every day with new tools to track our posts and interact with our consumers and ad customers.

If your social media campaigns need an extra push, we can help with sponsored posts and retweets. Feel free to reach out if you want to hear how Pregnancy Magazine can help you starting with budgets as low as $750.

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