How you can data mine to market to pregnant moms like the big guys

Posted by on February 23, 2017

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How you can data mine to find and market to pregnant moms

Every day we read how companies like Google and Facebook are amassing large amounts of data on their customers based on search and interaction on these huge sites. This might creep you out as a consumer, but as a business person, you probably are in awe of new techniques that might someday help you reach the right consumer at the right time. 

At Pregnancy Magazine, we’ve invested 100s of hours this year learning more about our users so that we can deliver more effective messaging for our own products as well as those of our clients. For us, that means two very important data fields for our consumers:

  1. Due date – so we can send them information that is specific to their pregnancy, including “Your Pregnancy Week by Week newsletters
  2. Zip code – so we can send them coupons and deals that are only available in their market.

This is the type of information our users want us to collect so that we can offer them better service and information.

We’ve learned so much during this process including the following:

  • Modern technology makes it suddenly easier to collect data and close the loop by sending targeted messages only to those who want them. There are a host of CRM solutions out there that go beyond Mail chimp and Constant Contact if you are ready to invest time and money to get better results.
  • Consumers are hungry for information that again, they want at a specific time. We are getting a 40% response rate for example, on a “Download our Morning Sickness Diet” whitepaper. Obviously, this rate would be a lot lower if we sent it to third trimester moms.
  • Email still rules. Whatever you’ve heard about social media or texting taking over all other media, pregnant and new moms still spend a lot of time in their email boxes. It’s still the principle form of internet communication
  • New and pregnant moms want your “spam.” As has always been true, one person’s “commercial” is another person’s “valuable information message.” If you’re shopping for a new car, suddenly all those car commercials don’t seem like stupid interruptions, but time to focus on your decision set. Same goes for emails. If you send them to the right moms when they need the info, voilà: higher open rates and click-through s.


And if we can do it, so can you.

Building a content inventory and targeting the right consumers:

To get started, follow these steps.

Step 1: Inventory your content and offers that you can provide to customers or visitors

Step 2: Complement this with new offers you develop that are targeted to specific consumers at specific times in their buyer’s journey

Step 3: Create landing pages where you “trade” your valuable content for emails and especially due dates of the pregnant and new moms in your target

Step 4: Analyze and Repeat, finding new offers and content that brings in more prospects

Step 5: Follow up with prospects with more information so that you stay in touch with them as they continue to read, research, and shop.

It’s easy! (not)

If you’re like we were, all this sounds clear and actually doable, but getting it done is actually another thing entirely; actions beyond Step 1 take investments of time you may not have.

Possible solutions:

  1. Media partners can help. If you’re working with any major magazine or website, ask them if they can help with your efforts. As an example, we have an inbound marketing program that helps identifiy new prospects by due date and interests. Partners work with us capture leads in parallel with us, or use our mechanics to deliver ads and deals without ever getting their hands dirty. Check out this landing page for our Morning Sickness Diet. Our ad partner, in this case a morning sickness tea, has an ad within the “downloadable” and also has a coupon offer that we send to first trimester moms a few days after receiving their freebie.
  2. You can use content from other sources. If you’re a store, ask your manufacturers if they have white papers (Example: “How to safely install a car seat”) they can provide. At Pregnancy, we syndicate our content to our ad partners, which means giving permission to use articles styled as downloadable resource guides. These can be big draws when marketing to pregnant and new moms.
  3. Use automated customer relationship management services. A good CRM like Hubspot or Act can do a lot for you in terms of helping message delivery and database management, cutting thousands of hours down to mere hundreds. Be prepared to invest time in setting up a lot of new pages and organizing workflows. A CRM is like a CMS (content management system such as WordPress); it saves you from writing code, but you still have to do the heavy lifting of content development and design.



Finding and marketing to pregnant women and new moms is hard work. You only have a short window to reach them and then you have to find new ones. For that reason, it’s even more important to hone your targeting efforts and deliver the right messages to them at the right time. You’ll waste less energy overall, and you’ll also increase your efforts of your marketing efforts.

We’re always happy to discuss our challenges and successes. If you’d just like to see an outline of our inbound lead generation program, just click below.


Download the “Magic of Target Marketing”

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