5 ways advertising to pregnant moms is different today than before

Today’s pregnant mom is obviously different. Having grow on up entirley in the digital age, the devices that we older marketers have “learned” to use, are for her, just part of the fabric of every day life. But in what ways does that make who she is different? And how does that affect how you …

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5 outside the box marketing ideas for local baby store retailers

Since our trip to the Spring ABC show a few weeks ago, I've been thinking about how local retailers can fight off both big box and online retail attacks on their business. Marketing to pregnant moms, especially millenials is not an easy job, and made harder by price competition. Today's local …

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5 Must-Do’s to Optimize your ABC Experience after you get home

Get the most out of ABC after you return home We hope you had a great ABC and that your meetings were both fun and profitable!  With all the time prepping for it, ABC does go by in a flash and it's often hard to figure out what you got out of it. That's why we wrote up this list of things to do …

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5 mistakes you’re making when pitching your baby products at ABC

Impressing the press at the ABC show The ABC show only comes once a year (or twice if you include the smaller Spring show). How can you make the most of it when all you have is a few days to make an impact? Well, I can't say much about what buyers want to see, but after walking the floor for six …

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3 tips for building a business pregnant moms can rely on

Log on to the Internet, and within minutes you’re bound to be bombarded with advertisements from all sorts of businesses. To say our marketplaces are oversaturated is to put that sentiment mildly. So, with so many businesses vying for our attention, how does your company stand out from the rest? …

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3 challenges of marketing to pregnant moms

As marketers, we deal with all sorts of target audiences but pregnant moms can often seem like the most difficult to find and attract. Read on to find out why this is, and the tricks you can use to reach them. 1. Their shopping list is huge Having a child isn’t a cheap affair. A positive …

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4 tips for branding your pregnancy business

Are you new to owning a small business? Are you a long-time small business owner scrimping pennies to scrape by? No matter what your experience may be, allocating a portion of your budget toward developing and promoting your brand can feel like a waste of good funds. But with so many companies …

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3 considerations for marketing to pregnant moms in the second trimester

The second trimester brings with it plenty of opportunity for sales; you just need to know how to approach new moms in the right way and recognize the difficulties a pregnant Mom faces in this stage of her pregnancy. Here are three key points to consider when marketing to pregnant moms during these …

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