5 ways advertising to pregnant moms is different today than before

Posted by on February 22, 2017

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Today’s pregnant mom is obviously different. Having grow on up entirley in the digital age, the devices that we older marketers have “learned” to use, are for her, just part of the fabric of every day life. But in what ways does that make who she is different? And how does that affect how you advertise to pregnant moms? A recent study on moms’ online behavior by Yahoo! supports some things you may already be thinking about how to advertise to pregnant and new moms.

1. She multitasks constantly.

Moms have always multitasked and are known for doing so somewhat effectively, at least versus dads. The younger mom is even more prone to multitasking on digital devices, with 56% of moms saying they use the internet while waiting in line — we won’t even say how many use it in the bathroom. 87% surf the internet and watch TV at the same time. Make sure your campaigns fit into this on-the-go consumption.

2. Young moms like ads directed to them.

70% of moms say they are receptive to ads that are relevant to their online activities. That means you need to target your new mom when she is thinking pregnancy and babies: in the store, at the doctor’s office, in relevant online and offline publications rather than scattering your media dollars where she might not want to be interrupted by baby talk.

3. Over 25% of moms favorably rate brands who sponsor content that interests.

Consider long-term sponsorships of content that is meaningful to new moms. This might be meaningful content that helps with challenges of morning sickness or breastfeeding. If you can do this in a sensitive way that connects with a new mom you might have a stronger bond than with a typical ad.

4. Millenial moms consume more media on smartphones and tablets.

While Boomer moms are still tied to their computers, new moms are more mobile.  Depending on your age (and mindset!), this might mean readjusting how you think a new mom of today consumes media.

 5. New moms want to interact with ads.

In the “old days,” advertising experts would advise you to make your ads simple, uncluttered. Good design is still important to convey a strong brand value, but we now know that a new generation, grown up on clicking and surfing, wants to interact with content they find compelling. A 2011 study by Texterity and the BPA found that 65% of readers clicked on ads and 40% made purchases in digital magazine ads.

Advertising to pregnant moms isn’t easy. First of all, they are hard to find (more on that in a post coming up!), but it’s also hard to put yourself in their shoes. Today’s pregnant mom isn’t the same as those of 25 years ago, and maybe not even of two years ago! One piece of advice: Make sure you don’t make the classic marketer mistake of marketing to yourself rather than your identified target.

For a few more tips, check out our article on 3 Pieces of Bad Advice on Advertising to Pregnant Moms.

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