5 Basic Tips to Advertise to Pregnant Moms

Posted by on February 27, 2017

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If you’re just starting on developing advertising to pregnant moms, you may not even be aware of some basic ideas. That’s why we’re here in this special blog to help as you get started (more experienced marketers can tune in just to see if you agree). As a magazine for pregnancy, you can imagine, we see a lot of ads. Here is just a bite-sized set of things you should consider while developing your advertising creative for marketing to pregnant moms:


1. Stay on brief.

First of all, do you have an ad brief? If not, take the time to write an ad brief. Plenty of resources exist on line, but a brief, at its simplest is a definifion of your target market, what you’re selling to them, what the benefit is of your product, and why it delivers on that benefit. Focus on one benefit and not more than 2-3 support reasons and you’ll help your creative people focus on what’s important.

A positioning statement encapsulates in one sentence your target, your product category, and your unique point of difference or benefit.

Example: For average income pregnant moms, the ABC is the most comfortable baby carrier because of it’s lambswool shoulder straps and cashmire lining. You can also write this as a list if that is easier for you.

2. Sell peace of mind.

Avoid selling fear or the downside of pregnancy. The pregnant mom gets enough negativity in her day, as well as suggestions that everything she does might lead to a risk for her newborn baby. Instead, re-think your message to be about the positive benefit for her, and how you can make her feel more comfortable as she looks forward to the big day.

3. Focus on the nest

While the “nesting instinct” has become a cliche, anyone who’s been pregnant or been a partner to someone who is, knows that it is a very real thing. New moms are hastily setting up a new home for their baby. How does your product tie into this? How can you be sure you are reaching the new mom while she is setting up, rather than approaching her on the day she actually needs your product. Few people buy a baby carrier four weeks after the baby is born. Even fewer buy the crib a week after. And no one goes home from the hospital without a pack of diapers.

4. Don’t forget the dad

While moms and new babies will always be center stage, dads are playing an ever more-important role in parenting, and in choosing baby products. Obviously, this is less important if you’re selling a belly band or a breast pump, but a mom reader is going to want to see that a new baby carrier will look good on her man.

5. Represent diversity

As a new advertiser, it’s sometimes easy to forget that not all pregnant moms look like we do. Intentionally write your brief to include a variety of ethnic groups. This will make it harder to forget or postpone. If this seems obvious, good for you. If not, don’t beat yourself up about it, but do include it in your brief. Your target market will want to see people who look like themselves.

If you ever need an extra set of eyes to read your brief or take a look at your ad, we’re happy to do that. We’d like to see more good ones! Good luck

Contact us to get feedback on your brief or ad.

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