4 tips for branding your pregnancy business

Posted by on February 22, 2017

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branding pregnancy businessAre you new to owning a small business? Are you a long-time small business owner scrimping pennies to scrape by? No matter what your experience may be, allocating a portion of your budget toward developing and promoting your brand can feel like a waste of good funds. But with so many companies crowding the pregnancy marketplace, these days, you can’t afford to skimp on branding. Here’s a thoughtful and budget-friendly guide to building and growing a business identity that keeps moms-to-be asking for more.

Bring in the pros

Put your money where it counts by calling on professional designers and copywriters to help you create the look and feel of your company. These days, expectant moms are bombarded with a host of products tailored to their mom-to-be lifestyles. What makes your business stand out from the pack? The first step may be a memorable logo and a thoughtful and compelling tagline. For that, we advise calling on the experts to make sure you get these important pieces just right.

Take to social media

The businesses that succeed with moms-to-be are the ones with personality behind them. Start a conversation on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the like. Developing a rapport with pregnant women across the globe can be as easy as sending out a 140 character Tweet. We suggest locking down your username across all social media platforms – even if you don’t plan to activate your account until later on. As you start out, focus your efforts on producing high-quality content in 2-3 outlets that interest you.

Gauge interest

Wondering how your pregnancy business is coming across to moms-to-be? Just ask. By reaching out to your target audience and soliciting their opinions, you show expectant moms that you value what they have to say. That’s relationship-building at its finest. Create a short poll through Facebook, hit send on a few Tweets, or ask for input via email. Whatever method you choose, know this: By asking, you’re not only in for some helpful feedback, but you’ll also build trust and bonding with your constituents.


You’ve heard the old saying “There’s strength in numbers,” right? Turns out, this phrase is a perfect business strategy, too. Reports show that small businesses that band together have a better shot at attracting customers than those that go it alone. Think of it as offering your potential customers a well-designed and more fruitful buying experience. Instead of purchasing just one product or service, they’ll have the opportunity to choose two. They get more bang for their buck – and you and your partnering business celebrate a double-sale. That’s a win-win in our book. Click to edit your new post…

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