3 challenges of marketing to pregnant moms

Posted by on February 22, 2017

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mom with bookAs marketers, we deal with all sorts of target audiences but pregnant moms can often seem like the most difficult to find and attract. Read on to find out why this is, and the tricks you can use to reach them.

1. Their shopping list is huge

Having a child isn’t a cheap affair. A positive pregnancy test comes with a hefty shopping list; car seats, strollers, baby carriers, cribs, and that is just the big stuff. So how do you get your product or service on the shopping list among the diapers and formula?

It might seem obvious but even if you’re selling something as simple as a bag hook for strollers, tell them why they need it. It’s easy for a new mom to over look the basics when she’s preparing for a life changing event like welcoming a new child so make sure your marketing hammers home the practical points. Continuing with the bag hook example, tell her the obvious: a bag hook will leave her hands free to look after the things that matter, like her new baby. Hammering on your product benefit, as obvious as it might seem to you, is especially important with first time expectant moms who don’t have any experience to look back on. If they’ve yet to try juggling ten shopping bags while pushing a stroller, they don’t know that they will need your unique bag hook.

2. ‘Baby brain’ takes it’s toll

“Baby brain” isn’t just an excuse; we all know it exists. Whether it’s lack of sleep, hormone-related or the stress of the impending arrival, most moms will experience some amount of forgetfulness.

Tackle this by making it as easy as possible for moms to follow up on any marketing you do. If you’re doing a print ad, add a QR code so that moms on the go can quickly capture the information and save it for later. And that goes double for “digital print” advertising where you can make it very easy for moms to Evernote it for later, or make a purchase right on their device.

Make contact details more available than ever in your marketing materials and be sure that they’re memorable.

3. Nine months goes fast

From the moment new moms find out that they’re expecting, they have at most eight months to get prepared. This can sometimes lead to rash decisions and rushed purchases. A lot can change over eight months and some parents buy before they even really know what they want. Offering a generous return clause, free trial period or a money back guarantee on a product is one way to make the most of this. The buyer will feel the purchase is a safer investment if they know they can come back if they aren’t happy with their purchase.

It also means that you have to advertise to them early since you only have a limited time to make those all important three impressions (“effective reach”) to communicate your brand message. Try not to  waste your marketing dollars on moms who’ve already made their purchasing decision.

When you do get to the point of working on advertising, check out our tips on advertising to pregnant moms. Some basic rules apply to whatever group you’re targeting, but pregnant moms are very special for a lot of reasons, including the unique challenges (and opportunities!) for marketers.

What special challenges do you face? Let us know in comments and we’ll give you some free advice!

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