What CES 2015 can teach you about marketing to pregnant women

Posted by on February 23, 2017

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I’m just back from 5 heady days at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. If you’ve never gone, put it on your schedule for the first week in January 2016. Every marketer or product manager should go at least one time to see all the innovations.

This is clearly a big year for innovations. I summarize the observations from the CES chief economist in another blog post, but here I want to list out the most important trends if you’re marketing to pregnant women.
1. Watch out baby monitors! While our friends at Motorola, Philips, and Summer Infant are surely watching the space closely, other marketers should be aware of the many, many new entries in the baby monitor area. Not only are there security systems (ex. Swann) that include baby monitoring capabilities, but new products such as        those that only monitor baby temperature (TempTraq) for example, and that connect your iPhone or Android device. I loved the psychology behind new product NapTime. Both parents can wear a bracelet that will alert you to when baby wakes, but you can set it so each parent gets the next turn to run with the bottle. A new camera from Simplicam also has face recognition.


2. FitBit has many competitors but none that I found for pregnant moms. While I talked to an expert at LifeQ who said it would be easy tailor a device they make to the needs of pregnant moms, no one has yet created a device specifically for pregnant moms. I just received a pitch from PEAR Sports that touts itself as the first “interactive training guide” geared for pregnant women but it’s really set up to guide an exercise regimen versus monitoring a new mom.

3. The CES economist says this is the year of the “internet of things” use case. We now know that almost anything can be made to work or alert someone via the internet. One example he gave was the a new “wifi-enabled pressure cooker.” How many people even use a pressure cooker (I do!)?  And how many then would actually use one that is wifi-enabled? So, bring on bright ideas on how you want to wire up baby, but be careful to establish how many people have a real need that your product addresses.
4. Everyone wants to teach and occupy baby except parents, apparently. What is it about babies that make so many marketers want to find ways to keep them out of our hair? The world, America particularly, needs more devices that motivate parents to hold, cuddle and spend more time with their babies. One product I saw monitors how far baby is along with the bottle so you can go in only when baby is getting too much air or needs the bottle removed.
I saw hundreds of other innovations in five venues spread over Las Vegas, including these:
  • tennis scoring apps that tweet out your game progress
  • wifi-enabled cars (did you know all Chevys now have their own WIFI hotspot enabled at first by OnStar?),
  • fitness monitors including a $4000 virtual reality trail bike (already on my 2015 Santa list)
  • dog and pet trackers and monitors
  • turntables and 33RPM records (the old is new again)
  • as well as many iPhone cases and chargers, and more TVs than you’d find in 20 Best Buy stores.
Hopefully, that gives you a taste of what I saw. Please let me know at Paul (at) PregnancyMagazine.com if you’d like to discuss. And if you went, and have questions or comments, write them in below.

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