Three of the worst pieces of advice about advertising to pregnant moms

Surprisingly little advice exists on line for mompreneurs (and dadpreneurs!) creating new products with a need to advertise to pregnant moms. What little exists might come from friends, family, or the new marketer with a booth next door to yours at the ABC. Here's some "wisdom" we've heard, none of it correct. Forget the dad and focus on the mom Admittedly, I have a point of view on this subject, after having created one of the first websites for dads,, almost a decade ago. …

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5 tips for advertising to pregnant moms in digital magazines

We all know that digital magazines in some form are here to stay. Readers are moving away from paper for a variety of reasons and outlets like supermarkets and drug stores have shrunk their newsstands by over 50% in the last five years. But how are digital magazines different than print or banner ads? We at Pregnancy like to say that a digital magazine ad is a hybrid of the best of print and best of clickable web ads for advertising to pregnant moms. The problem so far in the evolution of …

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