9 steps to run a sweepstakes to market to pregnant women

Posted by on February 23, 2017

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Everyone is trying to save money as we find new ways to develop our email lists and interact with customers. In a prior post, we suggested a bunch of

12 ways to collect email addresses to advertise to pregnant moms,  including running a sweepstake. Here are 9 steps to run through as you create a successful campaign to market to pregnant women.

Step 1 – Find a prize.  Ideally, find a prize that ties to your brand or your brand strategy. Be aware that if prize amounts exceed certain limits you may have to do tax filings in some states. Be aware that the prize you choose may be interesting to people outside your target. While a college student may enter your contest to win a baby bottle collection, it’s more likely you’ll get a new mom.

2. Think about your objectives and write down your metrics for success. Yes, in the heat of battle, we often forget this step, but it’s worth doing even if you’re just taking a shot at it. In the end, you need some metric that will help you evaluate if the sweeps was worth all your hard work, even if the prize you got was free. You might be going for Facebook likes, Twitter followers, or big sales conversions, but write your goal down.

3, Create your sweeps. Nowadays, it’s easiest to use a tool like Rafflecopter or Woobox to run your sweepstakes since it will automate hard to track events like shares and Facebook likes.

4. Careful with the rules! Be aware that Facebook and the like have rules for how they will allow you to use contests to stimulate engagement. It used to be whatever goes, but now you have to watch it or they will shut off your account.

5. Set the length of your contest. It’s great to have a long contest to maximize exposure and you might want to do that with particularly big prizes, but short contests are the most exciting to some.

6. Promote your posts. Mom bloggers, many for a fee, will help promote your contest. There are also a lot of contest sites that will allow you to post your contest which is free and effective, but warning: it may not get you the pregnant or new moms in your target.

7. End your contest. Ending your contest and announcing the winner promptly are important. If you used an app, that will make it easy for you to pick a random winner.

8. Publicize your winner! Update your contest page with the results including the winner, but make sure to get a release from your winner in order to use their name.

9. Keep your records. In the fast-flying world of the internet, the chances of some type of contest-related legal action for most sweepstakes would be very rare. However, it’s always better to keep records including screenshots in case of any unfortunate events.

There you have it. Nine steps to a successful contest to market to pregnant moms. For first timers, this is a good outline of things to think of. And for experts, remember numbers 1, 4 and 10, which are easy to skip over when you get going.

Good luck!

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