3 best practices for marketing your pregnancy business online

Posted by on February 23, 2017

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There are a million and one items new parents need to survive. From pregnancy pillows that make pre-baby sleeping more tolerable, to swings and carriers that prove lifesaving postpartum, pregnancy businesses have it made when it comes to creating a sense of urgency and need. But how can you reach your potential customers and make sure they know what you’re selling? Read on for 3 practical techniques:

The right image

This will come as no surprise, but good photos move products and connect audiences. Whether you choose a stock image or hire a professional photographer to snap a picture of your wares, having a high-quality photo represent your brand will work wonders. Meet moms-to-be where they are – seeking balance, beauty, and peace. Images that are well-lit and uncluttered have the best shot at attracting the right attention and putting the focus where it counts.

Focus on comfort

Let’s face it: Pregnancy can be downright uncomfortable at times. By selling the many soothing and comforting virtues of your product, you’re almost guaranteed to perk the ears of the pregnant population. Show moms-to-be you know what they need by shining a spotlight on how your company can help put an end to their aches and pains.

Don’t forget dad

Dads-to-be are an untapped market. In our frenzy to engage and advertise to moms-to-be, we all but forget about their partners. Expectant fathers often feel left out, overwhelmed, and in the dark. By keeping this in mind, you may be able to connect with dads-to-be by helping them feel more involved. Men want to have an active role in caring for their babies. Activate his need to provide by using words such as “stress-free,” “comfort,” and “protect” in your appeals to this demographic.

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