12 ways to grow your email list to market to pregnant moms

Posted by on February 23, 2017

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As a pro marketing to pregnant women, you know that email is still a key tool for reaching these moms.

But beyond buying lists or asking someone for an email, are there ways you aren’t thinking of?

Hopefully, you are already using some of the things on this culled from experts around the web. If not, and I know there are some on here I want to try, so let’s get started. Every day you waste means fewer valuable names on that list of new moms in baby buying mode.

Here are our favorite ways to build your email list to pregnant moms:

1. Add a sign-up button to your email. I hope your emails are so good that people pass them around to friends and colleagues. If so, make it easy for new readers to subscribe or get on your list.

2. Ask people on the street. Create a special business card and give it out to pregnant moms (or their partner) when you’re out and about. As long as you aren’t really intrusive, and especially if you have a “free” offer, this won’t be as odd as you think. We’re lucky that our target is usually easily identified.

3. Let people sign up with their phone. Some email software companies, like Constant Contact, offer tools that allow a simple scan of a QR code to sign up for a newsletter. Or you can create a QR of your own that links to a signup page with an offer.

4. Put a sign-up form on your Facebook Page.  We did this offering a free digital issue for new Facebook friends. It hasn’t been hugely successful, but it’s still more names than we would have had, and they are all free to us.

5. Use a paper sign-up sheet.  In your baby store, or at maternity events, make sure to capture emails. One thing I’ve learned is not to count on other people to capture names and give them to you later. Emails are gold and not everyone wants to share. Better to capture your own and merge lists after.

6. Offer a downloadable whitepaper.  While this seems a bit 2005, if you can write something really valuable for new moms, you can get them to trade an email for it. I’ve got one obvious idea. Just email me and I’ll send it to you.

7. Add a sign-up option to your membership form. You’re likely already doing this, but anytime you capture an email for another purpose (such as an online sale), make sure you establish in your privacy policy that this entails ongoing communications with you. Yes, I know that best practices suggest you always use opt-ins and  you probably should, but face it, most successful marketers today are gaining permission through their “terms and conditions” and removing names as people unsubscribe. The trick to this is that you have their permission in your terms and that you aren’t “spamming” them by sending info they aren’t expecting. If you’re marketing to pregnant moms and sending them offers to buy cheap business cards or low-cost home loans, you’re a spammer. If you’re sending them a follow-up offer on something they were shopping for in your store, then this isn’t spam. At the same time, if you are giving this list to others, or sending offers on behalf of a third party, make sure to make this extra clear when you capture the names to avoid any negative reaction.

8. Hold an event, either on- or offline. Use the sign-up for a webinar or in-store coffee to capture emails.

9. Make sign up easy on your website. If email and what you do with email is your biggest objective, put it in that all-important upper right hand position.

10. Look through current databases to see if you’ve captured emails elsewhere from people who want to hear from you. All of us have a stack of business cards still waiting to be input. What sales records do you have that could be used?

11. Run a sweeptakes. Sweeps are always a good way to increase emails. Be forewarned, they do take some work, even if you get the prizes for free.

12. Use emails to announce big news. If you have a store, make sure people know that newsletter subscribers will be the first to be alerted to sales or limited availability offers. If you’re a manufacturer, you might be surprised how many of your fans want to hear about new products, add-ons, or in the worst case, product recalls as soon as they are announced.

Do you have other new ideas we should all give a try? Please share in the comments below. And if you want tips on how to advertise to pregnant moms, click here.

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